Frequently asked questions

Support & instructions frequently asked questions

Using the device for the first time and its operation in general have been made quite simple. After the device has been installed and registered in the application, it functions automatically by transferring the stamping data to the application via a mobile phone network. The user only needs to show the ID to the device and press the IN or OUT button.

  • What does the device do?

    The device reads NFC IDs (also Valtti cards) and sends the stamping data via the GSM network to the application program.

  • How do I use the device?

    Show the ID to the left edge of the device until the yellow light comes on. Then push the button(s).

    ATTENTION! Valtti cards: Place the card in the reading area for a second before pushing any buttons: quickly flashing the card is not enough!

  • How is the device used for the first time?

    There must be a mobile phone SIM card inside the device that works on the 2G system (GPRS 900/1800 MHz). Please note that the device does not support 3G or 4G. The device is programmed to communicate with the desired application program: programming is carried out before delivery to the customer by means of a few text messages.

    If the device does not have a SIM card in place, the pin code inquiry should be removed from the SIM card before installation. The device recognizes basic Finnish SIM cards (DNA, Elisa, Saunalahti, Sonera and Telefinland: it does not recognize Ainacom, Academica or other similar virtual operators).

    Attach the device on the wall in the vertical position and connect the charger to an electrical outlet at the user site. The device is then ready to use in a couple of minutes, after the green traffic light glows continuously.

  • What are the indicator lights and sounds for on the device?

    The green light in the centre of the logo glows normally when the charger is connected to the electrical outlet, whereas a blinking light means that the device is not getting the operating voltage it needs (the charger is detached or there is an electrical outage) and is operating on the reserve battery.

    When the green traffic light glows, the device is ready to read the ID.

    The yellow light starts glowing after the ID is read as a waiting indicator before pressing the button (the device waits approx. 10s).

    When the yellow or red light glows, the device is temporarily inoperable (battery depleted or the device is just starting up).

    To indicate reading the ID reading or pressing the button, the device beeps and ‘grumbles’ (makes a low rumbling sound).


  • When does the device send the data to the application program?

    The device sends the data after half a minute from stamping (stamping = ID reading and push of the button).

    If you only press the button or show the ID without pressing the button, the data will not be sent.

    If the device does not contact the application server via the mobile phone network, it will store the data and send them when contact has been restored.

  • How do I check to see if the device is connected to the mobile phone network?

    Data transfer goes on in the background and is not visible to the user.

    If the ID is shown to the device but the button is not pressed, the device ‘grumbles’ (makes low rumbling sounds) to indicate the mobile phone network strength (1…5 ‘grumbles’).

  • What should be taken into consideration in installation?

    The device is installed indoors on a wall in the vertical position at a suitable height (1…1.5m), mounting under the side hatch using screws.

    For outdoor use (during winter below -20 C), the model equipped with heating is suitable, but the electrical power source must always be installed indoors.

    Check field strength (ID display without buttons, target 2…5) and test operation.

    Special features:

    The software and operational settings of the device can be remotely updated, and the device transmits, once per day or by separately delivered text message on request, its status data (voltage, temperature, amount of data transfer, etc.). You can also request the latest stamps for resending from the device.

    In a fault condition the device can be reset two different ways – neither one will eliminate the stamps accumulated:

    – the device can be reset instantly by pressing IN, OUT, A and F simultaneously (device with display: IN,OUT,1 and RED), the device returns in a couple of minutes to operational readiness, generally when the time according to the clock is also updated.

    – the device can be turned off by removing the charger from the electrical outlet and pressing IN, OUT, A, E and F simultaneously (device with display: IN, OUT, 1, 2 and RED. The device is engaged by inserting the charger into the electrical outlet.

    If dependent on the battery alone, the device operates for about four hours and, having turned itself off, it returns to normal operation when electricity is returned.

    The device, in a metal worksite container, is installed on the wall in the vertical position, close to a window.

    The device must be turned off before taking it onto an airplane or when it is in any other location where the use of a mobile phone is prohibited.  Before posting the device, the instruction ‘NOT BY AIRMAIL’ must be written on the package card and the package itself.