Application Developers

Solutions for application developers

Designed for construction sites, Inoptics Oy has developed wireless tracking and access control terminal devices that are both easily introduced and highly practical. Our terminal devices can be connected to almost all Time&Attendance applications via a URL with an http/xml connection, and they read RFID/NFC IDs – including officially authorized Valtti ID cards supplied by Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy. The devices’ data transfer is handled through the mobile phone network (2G/GPRS) – which functions everywhere. All that’s needed is an electrical outlet at the installation site. The data go directly to the application partner’s server – and for the purpose of maintaining the equipment stock, message copies can be sent from them to the device supplier.

The equipment can be delivered directly to the end customer or application partner as already connected to the application. After installation of the SIM card, the device is ready for operation.

  • Application partners

    There are over 3000 units in use at the moment, both in Finland and internationally. Application partners are also quite numerous.

    Applications for construction sites are offered by, among others, Movenium, Evry Jydacom, Takamäki-yhtiöt, Admicom, Aacon, Maxtechnologies, Lenio, Enersense, Tuntinetti/J.Halttu, Fastroi, Fluent Progress, Waremann, Reslink, Nepton, Navicom and Visma.

  • NFC-TimeClean for access control and supervision

    NFC-TimeClean is a tracking device that allows you to gather – in real-time – both “who’s on the work site” and working time information, which is also used as the basis for salary management. Stamping data go to  the application in real time.

  • NFC-InOut access control, supervision + gate-opening

    NFC-InOut expands the operational field from access control to access supervision, and it can function as a gate opener as well. The application downloads a list to the device of IDs of access-entitled individuals, according to which it opens the gate in connection with stamping. Stamping data go to the application in real time.