Instructions for use

Support & instructions installation & user guide

The equipment is delivered to the site of operations pre-readied for use and connected to the desired application supplier’s application. A device may have a GSM-2G SIM card in place, or the user is required to obtain it personally and install it.

  • Deployment

    Before connecting the power supply, a SIM card is installed in the device from which the PIN code inquiry has been cancelled.

    The device is mounted on the wall with four screws, preferably indoors, and the power source is connected to an indoor electrical outlet. The device initializes itself within a few minutes and is then ready for operation.

    Its IMEI number is entered in the application to the desired work object and, if required, the identifiers it uses are also registered there. The IMEI number is found beneath the mount sleeve on the left side as well as in the dispatch note.

  • Device maintenance

    If the device does not function correctly, please check the following matters before you contact the application supplier:

    – Is the device getting electricity, do the indicator lights glow and can the device read the IDs?

    – Is the fault only in the fact that the stamps are not seen in the application? In that case, the fault is most likely in the SIM card or the Internet connection (in this case, check if the SIM card is activated and the PIN code inquiry has been cancelled).

    Report the serial code (HW number and IMEI code) of the device when you make your maintenance request and how the fault comes up, as well as when it started.

    In maintenance situations, the device is usually exchanged, whereupon the application supplier or device manufacturer sends a replacement unit in which the ‘old’ SIM card is installed, and the device requiring servicing is returned in the exchange device transport package. In this case, the replacement unit must be registered like a new device in the application.

    If it is only the power unit of the device that is defective, the base of the device can be exchanged: in this instance, the device need not be repaired separately for the application.


  • Mobility

    The device can be transferred from one work site to another: in this case, the IMEI code in the application must be re-registered for the work object.