Designed for construction sites, we have developed wireless tracking and access control terminal devices that are both easily introduced into use and are highly practical

The main business sector for Inoptics Oy is the development, manufacturing and marketing of wireless technology-based products.

During its 25-year history, the company has supplied a vast number of its own electronic products to clients actively working throughout the globe. Its operations began at the end of the 1980s as a VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland spin-off enterprise which was involved in the development and production of an analyser that measured tanker pollutant emissions. This advanced into the development of our indicator panels product family for façade advertising and information display queuing units. In the field of motor vehicle electronics, the company developed control electronics for work machines. The company also developed systems used in the calibration of precision measurement equipment for the mobile phone industry.

Now Inoptics Oy is developing – together with its application partners – wireless working-time tracking for demanding locations: in particular, construction work sites, as well as for the accumulation of data reporting on personnel present at the work site for the Tax Authority.