Wireless NFC terminal devices

Designed for construction sites, Inoptics Oy has developed wireless tracking and access control terminal devices that are both easily introduced and highly practical. Our terminal devices can be connected to almost all working-time applications via its http/xml connection, and they read RFID/NFC IDs – including officially authorized Valtti ID cards supplied by Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy. There are over 3000 units in use at the moment, both in Finland and internationally. There are also many application partners.

NFC-TimeClean and NFC-InOut are Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy’s certified working-time terminals for both construction site and Valtti Smart Card use, and they are CE-approved.

  • Get familiar with the advantages introduced by our terminal devices

    Easy introduction

    Our terminal devices are always supplied on the plug and play principle.

    Connect the device into its application site and plug the charger into an electrical outlet – the device initializes itself for ready operation.

    Stamping of work times and related reporting can start.

    Easy to use!

    The employee shows the ID card or keychain ID to the device and pushes a button.

    The stamping data is transferred automatically and in real-time via the GSM network for the working-time application.

    Reliable in operation everywhere

    This is a terminal device that works internationally in all mobile phone reception areas.

    The device is equipped with a battery, memory and data transfer. It doesn’t lose stamping data – even if power and transmission outages are long.

    The device functions either on the grid (100..250VAC) or in a motor vehicle (10..30VDC).

    It’s a terminal device that runs by itself. It operates separately from the company’s IT infrastructure. Disturbances affected the company’s servers or in the LAN/WLAN network or electrical feed do not prevent stampings or their registration in the system.

    The device also operates under demanding work conditions – such as damp, cold and dirty surroundings. Our terminal devices are watertight (IP66), mechanically solid and easy to clean.

    Attendance and working-time reports are obtained securely using a web browser, regardless of time and place, either with a smart phone or a PC.

    The device also transmits status information regularly for device management, thereby anticipating fault conditions.

    For the requirements of mobile and changeable work

    Our terminal devices can be easily transported from one work situation and site to another, and they also function in motor vehicles.

    The equipment can be taken along to short-term working environments as well – it’s plug and play.

    Our terminal devices act as an assistant to those doing mobile work. By its means, the registration of events is easy, quick and operational in real time – everywhere and for everyone.

    The device ‘moves house’ with the company and work site. In ‘moving house’, functions continue without interruption in the new facilities, without any need for pre-arrangements – just plug and play!

    When use Basic?

    When ease of stamping and speed are important.

    When only a simply in/out stamping is enough, along with possible simple additional data.

    Generally enough for construction sites

    When use Plus – with a display?

    When the idea is to transmit more information in connection with stamping.

    When a more detailed list of working-time use is desired – for example, on a job basis, according to project or by reference to customers.

  • NFC-TimeClean for access control and supervision

    NFC-TimeClean is a tracking device allowing you to gather – in real-time – both “who’s on the work site” and working time information – which is also used as the basis for salary management. Stamping data go to the application in real time.

  • NFC-InOut access control, supervision + gate-opening

    NFC-InOut expands the operational field from access control to access supervision, and it can function as a gate opener as well. The application downloads a list to the device comprised of the IDs of access-entitled individuals, according to which it opens the gate in stamping. Stamping data go to the application in real time.