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  • Construction site-based electronic tracking experiences of Jydacom and Raahen Rakennuskolmio

    Post created - 20.8.2013

    Raahen Rakennuskolmio is an active construction company that was amongst the first to adopt Jydacom’s application in use and the Inoptics working-time terminal device connected with it. Foreman Antti Piirainen utilizes Jydacom’s software in his work site office daily and regards electronic tracking operation as simple and easy…

  • Nepton and Marttiini trust in Inoptics’ technology

    Post created - 20.9.2012

    Nepton Oy has developed modern Internet-based software solutions for enterprises and associations for the last 11 years. Nepton Työteho is a comprehensive solution that includes Time/Attendance tracking, working-time TES interpreting and work shift planning…